Stop that leaking window once and for all!

Project date: 2008

I love my boat! But one thing I dislike about it is the long - narrow windows in the aft cabin. This was a mid-90's thing as many boat manufacturers used them (however, I have seen some manufacturers start to use them again. This is nothing less than STUPID! The reason: these windows leak.

I bought the boat used, and the windows leaked when I bought it. Not a huge leak, but a leak nevertheless. I spent untold time trying to get rid of the problem, including re-sealing the windows, and even an esoteric product called "Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure".

The problem is not that any of these products didn't work, they did stop the leaks... for awhile. But the problem is in the design of the boat itself as those long-narrow windows flex when you walk on the deck of the aft cabin. So even if you can successfully seal the leak, walking on the deck will cause the sealant to crack, and leaks will occur again.

If I buy another boat, it is certain that it will not have any long-narrow windows.



I can report however, that I have found the solution. Rather than attempting to seal the windows, simply divert the water around them. I used a product called EZE Marine Gutters, which is available by-the-foot. The gutters are a flexible poly-vinyl, and have a self-adhesive backing. I have to admit I was skeptical about the success of this product, but I can happly say that two years after I applied them, the leaks are GONE! I was able to put the gutters on the fiberglass hull, just above the window frames, and improved their effectiveness I suppose by using some of my leftover Creeping Crack Cure to seal around the gutters. Thirty dollars of gutter was enough to treat both Port and Starboard windows.

One word of caution; read the instructions! Do not attempt to install them if the temperature is below 70 Deg F, as they will be too stiff, and will be hard to form on the curved hull most boats have.

So don't fix it - divert it!

The gutter is the white strip immediately above the window frame.


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