Shorepower Installation in a Cuddy Cabin

Project date: 2002


Shorepower is dangerous. Shorepower circuits employ lethal levels of electricity that can kill or injure you. Improper installation of shorepower increases the likelihood of death or personal injury. The reader of this text shall agree that this text is only an example of how one person installed shorepower on his boat. It is not to be used as a form of instruction or how-to guide on how to install shorepower. It should only be thought of as a catalyst for a project idea.

The reader of this text is solely responsible for the proper engineering, installation, and safety while performing any action they do as the result of any ideas they extract from this text. The reading, downloading, copying, printing, or any other use of this text, including all pages dealing with construction of shorepower shall constitute an agreement between the reader and author that the reader takes full responsibility for any action they take, and the author is not responsible for any consequence to any action taken by the reader. The reader acknowledges that this text simply details the author's own project, ideas, and opinions, and that the text has no applicability to any project, idea, or action the reader may take.