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Cruise port: Road Town, Tortola (BVI)

Another island on in the North Caribbean, its also usually visited by the smaller ships, is part of the British Virgin Islands. We were there in Dec 2009. As is with the other islands, there are sights to see here not possible anywhere else. One notable is the Bath area of Virgin Gorda. The main pier can handle two cruise ships, and the day we were there, another cruise ship had to anchor in the bay and tender passengers. The bay therefore can be quite congested with traffic, but that is an issue for the captain of the ship, not a passenger.

Entry into Road Harbor - Road Town, Tortola BVI

Welcome to Tortola BVI

Cruise ship dock - Road Town, Tortola BVI

Beautiful waterfront - Road Town, Tortola BVI

Mountain top, Tortola BVI

Leaving Tortola BVI


Tortola BVI Tourism