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Majesty of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

Majesty of the Seas

Maiden voyage: 1992

Length: 880ft

We were on board this ship in 2000, so this review is a bit dated. This is an older ship by cruise line standards, but we found a certain elegance to it. It has been well maintained over the years. We had an inside room, which on this ship, is rather small. For a 4 day cruise, the room size was manageable, but any longer and it might become an issue with some.

On this ship, the Windjammer (buffet style) resturant is located at the bow, with the main theater located at the stern. The theater has a few "opera-like" boxes on the upper deck which feel kind of strange as they tend to pick up vibrations from the ship's running gear. This ship has traditional propeller shafts rather than azipods on the newer ones, so the sensation is somewhat different.

There are no balconys on this ship, other than suites. If you book an outside room, you will have a porthole. If you book an outside room on Deck 7, be aware that you are on the Promenade deck, and that anyone walking past your cabin on the outside of the ship can see inside your cabin, should you open the curtains.

Still, the ship was built when cruising was not concentrated on the mega-ships as they are today, and that brings with it a certain elegance. With newer ships coming on line, I'd bet that these ships will be retired soon, so if you want to experience an older ship in the fleet, you might want to consider a cruise on this ship fairly soon.

Pool Deck - Majesty of the Seas Oct 2000

Centrum - Majesty of the Seas Oct 2000


Lounge - Majesty of the Seas Oct 2000

Companionway - Majesty of the Seas Oct 2000