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Costa Maya (Majahual), Mexico

Cruise port: Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya/Majahual, Mexico: A resort area that is essentially in the middle of the jungle (or nowhere as it were), that was built up to attract cruise ships. The town is called Majahual, while the cruise port itself is called Costa Maya. The port is large enough to handle Royal Caribbean's mega-ships (Oasis and Allure). There has been some criticism that this port really has nothing to offer. I have been here twice, and indeed, unless you are going for a trip into the jungle to see Mayan ruins, spend a beach day, or do some shopping, there really is not a lot this port has to offer.

The Mayan ruins at Chaccohoben are worth a visit, but they are about an hour's trip due west via bus. The landscape near the coast is mangrove in nature, but as you drive west, it slowly changes to a more jungle-like topography. At Chaccohoben the pyramids here are thought to have been constructed for worship, and not sacrifical. If you are going in the rainy season (April to Oct), make sure to take some insect repellent. There is a drug store in Costa Maya cruise dock area where you can buy some if needed. In the dry season (Nov to Mar) you may not need any repellent. Your cruise tour guide will advise you if you need any or not.

If you take a video camcorder to Chaccohoben, you will be charged a $5 fee to use it. Still cameras are not charged, even if they do have video capabilities. As you will be on a bus for a good part of the trip, you may wish to use a polarizer if you want to take photos while on the bus.

Cruise ship docked - Costa Maya, Mexico

Port of Costa Maya, Mexico

Shopping plaza - Costa Maya, Mexico

Swim-up bar, Costa Maya, Mexico

Pyramid - Chaccohoben, Mexico

Pyramid - Chaccohoben, Mexico


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