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Cruise port: St. John's, Antigua

St. Johns, Antigua: One of the most economic diverse islands we have seen. While most of the population are middle-class, there is a contrast with areas of poverty next to multi-million dollar Mega Yachts at Lord Nelson's Dockyard marina. This is also one of those islands hard for large cruise ships to get into, so I would suspect its limited to the smaller ships. We were here one time, in Dec 2009. Its been said that there are 365 beaches in Antigua; one for each day of the year.

We arrived in Antigua on a Sunday. This was unusual as most Antiguan's spend hours in church on Sundays, and they don't see many cruise ships on that day. When we a new port for the first time, we usually take an island cruise excursion. This gives us a good perspective and overview of the island, so the next time we visit, we can concentrate on a more specific adventure.

Admiral Nelson's dockyard had a lot of history, and we had to leave too soon. You could easily spend the entire day there. The history of the dockyard is that in the times of Admiral Nelson in the 1800s, the British Navy used the harbor as a major ship repair facility for their Caribbean fleet.

Entry into Harbor - St. Johns, Antigua

Cruise ship docks - St. Johns, Antigua

English Harbor - Falmouth, Antigua

The Lookout - Antigua

Admiral Nelson's Dockyard - English Harbor, Antigua

St. Johns Harbor - St. Johns, Antigua


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